I am so glad you are here!  It is my life's mission to inspire and encourage you to live a
successful life from the Heart, through Loving, Living and Giving!   The Heart is the
wellspring of life.   It has been my experience in my journey thus far
that life, success, and winning...are matters of the Heart.  

If you need someone who will work and serve you from the heart; from the inside out,
then I would love to come alongside you on your journey!
Not only will I help you win on stage, but to win on the stage of life, as well!
"Serving others in love is a key to living a successful life."

Let's join together in this most fabulous journey, and allow me
to share my heart and experiences with you for a winning, successful life!

©2016 Spruce Dickerson. All rights reserved.
"Over the phone, Skype, and email Spruce patiently led me through the intricacies of Miss Plus America.  I
had a crash course finishing school, she selected my clothes and accessories, and led me in a growth that
was profound.  I was extremely well prepared and very confident in everything I had learned from her.  
Spruce is a 100% x 100% amazing coach and person."

                                                                  Angela Szpak, 2013 Ms Plus America
"Spruce Dickerson is a beautiful and very talented model.  From the first time I saw her walk, I knew I had to
have her walk for me.  She gives life to my humble work and is a dream to work
                                                                          Rick Gonyo, Fashions by ELRICK
"Spruce Dickerson is touching the lives of women across the state with her positive attitude and message.
What a truly inspiring individual who understands the impact of servant leadership."

                                               Kimberly Brumfield, Student Activities Specialist
                                               South Texas College Mid-Valley Campus
As water reflects the face, so the heart
reflects the person.
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Products named for

*"The Spruce" gown - by
fashion designer Dede Allure

*"Spruce" eye shadow for
the makeup line Mahogany

*The "Spruce" purse - by
designer *E* by Evelyn
Miss Plus America ELITE 2011
Bestowed lifetime title of
Miss Plus America Essence
Finalist for Philanthropist of
the Year with Texas Women
in Business & Austin Fashion
History-maker with:
*Miss Plus America
*Austin Fashion Week  
*LA Fashion Week
Philanthropist of the Year  
with Godly Girlfriend
Three magazine Covers:
*BOLD Plus Magazine
*Simply Me Magazine
*BBW Beauties Magazine