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2009 Miss Texas Plus America pageant
  • Ms Texas Plus America 2nd Runner Up
  • Pageantry Spirit Award winner

2010 Miss Texas Plus America pageant
  • Ms Texas Plus America 1st Runner Up
  • Most Photogenic

2011 Miss Texas Plus America pageant
  • Ms Texas Plus America 4th Runner Up
  • Ms Texas Plus America Ambassador
  • Ms Community Service

2011 Miss Plus America pageant
(national pageant)
  • Miss Plus America Elite (highest crown)
  • Model Portfolio winner

2014 Miss Plus America pageant
(national pageant)
  • bestowed honor of being crowned Miss Plus
    America Essence
Coaching services:
  • walking & posing
  • stage presence
  • interviewing
  • platform, introduction, & on-stage
    question development
  • pageant paperwork
  • optionals / talent
  • wardrobe & accessories
  • makeup & hair
  • soul-searching & encouragement
Modes of coaching:
  • in person
  • Skype
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Text
"Pageantry is a journey of  self-discovery
and service to others."
                        ~Spruce Dickerson
Being Spruce did not win her State pageant competition the three times she competed, but went on to compete at her
first-ever National pageant and win the highest overall points among all ladies competing (Elite title), indicates that
Spruce has a natural gift and talent for knowing what it takes to be a queen....on a national level; along with knowing
the value of determination and perseverance.  We must set our sights, stay the course and be committed.

Spruce is humbled by the blessings which have been poured out on her life during this journey, and gives all glory to
God.  Her desire is to share her life, her heart and her knowledge to help others travel a fulfilled and winning journey.  If
you are interested in hiring Spruce as your pageant coach to walk this journey with you, please contact her to discuss
the particulars.  Thank you.

e-mail:  Spruce@SpruceDickerson.com
phone:  (512) 442-2167
"It's not about the crown; it's about the journey."  
~Spruce Dickerson
"The crown should not be self-serving, but
for serving others."
                                ~Spruce Dickerson
Spruce's coaching programs

Personalized Coaching
With a Winner!

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of her various programs
Spruce Dickerson was crowned
Miss Plus America ELITE in 2011 in the Miss Plus
America pageant

She made history by being the first and only
person to win the highest title in this pageant
system who did not win her state title.  

In 2014, Spruce was bestowed the honor of
being crowned the first-ever
Miss Plus America
in the Miss Plus America pageant.

During her three year pageant journey, Spruce
won awards for Most Photogenic, Spirit Award,
MS Community Service, Texas Plus America
Ambassador; and at the National pageant won
the Model Portfolio competition.
Spruce has a 90% success rate
in the crowning and Top placing of
her clients.

Spruce has one specific request for her clients.....
to be committed to the process, and want it more than Spruce wants it for you.

After much research and deliberation I chose Spruce Dickerson to help mold me into the Queen I am today. Not only is she Miss Plus America ELITE 2011, but she too competed more
than once for the title. Our journey together has been life changing. To me, it was about getting to know myself, my heart, and what I wanted my future to hold. Spruce helped me
find that, and by doing so I won the title of Mrs Plus America. If you are about to embark on your pageant journey,
I encourage you to consider hiring Spruce for your coach.
Kristina Green
2015 Mrs Plus America

Over the phone, Skype, and email Spruce patiently led me through the intricacies of Miss Plus America.  I had a crash course finishing school... Spruce selected my clothes and
accessories, and led me in a growth that was profound.  She is a 100% x 100% amazing coach and person.
Angela Szpak
2013 MS Plus America

Spruce helped me step outside my comfort zone. She gave me the confidence and encouragement to be part of the pageant and to continue being a Queen, on and off the stage.
This is why I find her to be one of the best, if not the best, Queens; she is a true people’s Queen. Spruce doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, too!
Estela Delgado
2012 Mrs Weslaco Plus America

Joining the Mrs. Texas America pageant and having Spruce as my coach rewarded me with more than I expected and hoped for. She rewarded me with something beyond what a
glittering crown and sash can give. She rewarded me with something beyond the physical beauty of gowns, shoes, jewelry, hair, and make-up. Spruce rewarded me with my
personal mission in life, and helped me transform my golden tears of losing my sister and father to cancer into pearls of wisdom.  Spruce put a name to my tears:  The Heart of
Cancer.  She and her precious coaching skills will always and forever be a huge part of my personal mission, and the mission of my charity.
Eleanor "Cheng" Butler
2015 Mrs Williamson County America